Here are some details about our big operation.

Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany host three very sensible sites. They decided to unite their efforts in protecting those targets against intruders.

The mission will involve two groups: the "protectors" and the "intruders".


Protectors will be fighter jets belonging to German Air Force, Netherlands Air Force and Belgian Air Component. They will be on standby along CAP patterns all along the following boundaries:

  • South of Belgium and Luxembourg (boundary with France)
  • West of Belgium (coast)
  • West and north of the Netherlands (territorial waters)
  • North of Germany (territorial waters west of Denmark)

They will be guided by the 3 official CRC: Belga/Glons (Belux), Bandbox (NL) and Loneship (DE), following the GCI rules (Ground Controlled Interception).

At each round, protectors will switch to another sector.


Intruders will be able to depart from selected air bases in foreign countries (LFSO, LFOE, EKSP or EGYM)). Under guidance by a dedicated AWACS, they will try to infringe protected airspaces and reach the targets.

They should try to avoid protectors as much as possible, and reach the target on time to get a point.


An intruder overflying the target area (a radius of 3nm around a given point) at less than 6000ft AGL will make his team (the "Red" team) earn 1 point.

The protectors will have to engage the intruder as soon as possible and reach an accurate position (6 o'clock, short distance). They then take some screenshots. The intruder will obviously try to escape. Once the protectors consider they could catch accurately the intruder, they have to notify the CRC. The interception then terminates, the referee checks the screenshots and decides if the protectors win the round. If not, the intruders get the point.

Supersonic flight is forbidden anytime, and GS may not exceed 600kts.


How to win the mission...


  • You have to fly a realistic fighter jet from BAF, NAF or GAF
  • You will be assigned a departure air base and CAP pattern
  • You have to strictly follow instructions from the CRC (Belga/Bandbox/Loneship)
  • You have to conform to any instruction from SO staff.

ONE POINT = intruder has been intercepted (screenshots to prove offensive position) before overflying a target.

After interception, you have to return to your CAP pattern.


  • You have to fly with any fighter jet
  • You must respect instructions from the "RED AWACS"
  • Once the interceptor has "intercepted you", you must squawk C, notify your AWACS and vacate the airspace asap.
  • You have to conform to any instruction from SO staff.

ONE POINT = you overfly any of the targets (within 3nm, max 6000ft AGL) without being intercepted

After an attempt, you have to vacate the airspace and may not enter again during 15 minutes.


The territory, the boundaries and the protections.

Saturday, 18th November 2017
1245z Briefing / 1300z Mission start

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The team welcoming you for this mission

Fabian De Jong
Netherlands SOC

Mission Commander

Jonatan Geeurickx
Belux SOC

Handling Belga Radar CRC

Tobias Eckert
Germany SOC

Handling Loneship CRC

Mehdi Meunier
Belux SOAC

Handling registrations and SO points

Tim Vancauwenbergh
Belux SOA1



Handling RED AWACS (intruders)


Join us as a "protector" or an "intruder" for this amazing mission!

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